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Angle Measurement on a Sprayer Boom for an Agricultural Sprayer

When unfolding the spraying arms, the exact projection angle of the arms must be detected to ensure that each one can move quickly, uniformly and error-free. As there is only a short time window in which a field can be sprayed, it is particularly important to ensure that the machine remains available at all times.

The inductive angle sensors from Turck work in a contactless and completely wear-free manner. The large distance between the sensor and the position transmitter ensures precise, fail-safe angle detection even in the event of heavy vibrations and shocks.

Your Benefits

  • The contactless operating principle of Turck’s angle sensor enables wear-free, fail-safe position detection
  • An extremely compact housing and the non-magnetic operating principle facilitate mounting in confined steel structures

  • The contactless angle sensor measures the position of the sprayer boom

  • Robust and wear-free position detection in IP69k

  • Inductive angle sensor Ri360P1-QR14

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