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Regardless of which materials or industrial goods you are procuring, producing or shipping – end-to-end identification with RFID supplies you with decision-critical information in real time.


RFID: Sustainable Time and Cost Optimization for Production Logistics

What do reliable delivery times, error-free manufacturing and agile production right through to batch size 1 have in common? They all require seamless process transparency based on RFID data.

Outdated processes, complex structures as well as high cost pressure present companies in the manufacturing industry and logistics with the same challenge: Rapid decision making based on real-time information is becoming increasingly more important in order to stay competitive. 

But how can this decision-critical information be generated?        RFID systems bridge the gap between the physical world of production and IT-based MES and ERP systems. By linking objects with the data of the IT systems, RFID systems generate the necessary transparency for lean processes and digitalized delivery chains. The aggregated information, such as times, locations, users, or processes completed, allow smart functions such as automated production and ordering processes, the identification of error sources or the accurate forecasting of bottlenecks. RFID information enables your systems and decision-makers to make the right choices. In this way you increase your efficiency and develop resilience against seemingly unforeseen events. RFID – ready for intelligent decisions.  

Why Turck RFID systems?
Turck customers benefit from the specific experience of our RFID turnkey solution partner Turck Vilant Systems, who have been supplying turnkey RFID solutions including in-house middleware and ERP integration, and have implemented them in well over 1000 installations worldwide. Coupled with Turck's many years of experience with RFID for production control, we offer complete solutions, which cover the entire supply and production chain – from the supplier to production right through to shipment.

Four Wins: Use our Experience in All Four Segments of Production Logistics

Material tracking

  • Incoming goods and inventory management automated
  • Any changes in inventory levels are recorded and balanced out by automated order processes – the non-availability of an item is impossible  
  • Efficient warehouse management and production planning based on reliable material inventory data in ERP and warehouse management systems (WMS) 

Production tracking

  • Correct production conditions and quality as well as material flow are monitored and ensured with tool identification at the machine
  • Reliable material assignment guarantees high production quality and eliminates rejects
  • Production control: production steps are automatically checked and triggered

Warehouse management

  • Products, trays, skids, workpiece holders are given a unique ID and thus identified 
  • Minimized inventory costs and procurement times, transparent information on all storage areas
  • End-to-end traceability of routes and location for goods and production  
  • Transparent tracking order picking and shipment processes

Picking & shipping

  • Robots or utility vehicles fitted with RFID pick items automatically  
  • The digital order picking list checks the contact of each shipment
  • Fewer complaints arising from incorrectly prepared or shipped deliveries
  • Improved utilization of logistics units as well as optimized route planning thanks to reliable database

Making Objects Smart

RFID links physical objects with data sets and IT systems. Regardless of the type of object you wish to link to your individual system landscape – we can make the connection.

Key technology for digitalization
The key requirement for IIoT, the Industrial Internet of Things, is the use of smart industrial components that enable physical objects in production logistics to be present on the Internet. Regardless of whether it is a container with raw materials, components, primary products or finished products – all components can communicate with each other as smart objects in the network when fitted with RFID tags. This turns RFID into a key technology for IIoT.

Information generation in a suitable context
The information of each smart object is fetched via strategically positioned read points. Depending on the application, this information is sent via an interface directly to higher-level systems such as ERP or to the PLC or Turck Vilant middleware. In this way, Turck's system solution brings the data of the smart objects to the level of company applications and factory automation systems. Here the relevant information is generated in the correct context for your processes and decision making.

What are the Benefits of RFID?

More efficient processes

  • Avoid time-consuming manual work steps or reduce manual errors
  • End-to-end identification and tracking of goods flow and object movement
  • Bulk-reading | Detect several objects at the same time

Improved quality control

  • Eliminate errors, for instance during tool change or material feed
  • Full visibility and transparency through the complete supply chain
  • Tamper protection by individual coding

Future-proof investment

  • Complete system solution from Turck, expandable everytime needed
  • All RFID equipment and complete data handling is based on global standards
  • Combination of HF / UHF RFID for complex or new requirements

Whitepaper: Managing RTIs in Real-Time

Which technical solution guarantees efficient tracking of reusable containers? What are the benefits of RFID compared to other information technologies? Which tag is best suited to your application? Our white paper gives you the answers.

RFID Tracking in Practice

Look at the application examples to see how users benefit from RFID in production logistics  – with practical and instructive examples.

RFID-based Tracking of Inbound and Outbound Materials

ABB realizes 60% productivity growth by digitalizing their production and logistics with an UHF-RFID system directly linked to the company’s SAP


Shipment Tracking for Construction and Mining Equipment Specialist

Sandvik improved its production planning and workload by linking real-time warehouse inventory data to production planning system



RFID system and decentralized logic guarantee high production quality of cable harnesses



Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH developed a production control and quality assurance system for Britax Römer using Turck's RFID tags and TBEN-S-Ethernet multiprotocol modules in conjunction with Labview


Error-free JIS order picking for bumpers

UHF-RFID tracking beyond trade and company boundaries ensures batch size one for automotive suppliers and OEMs


RFID-Based Tracking Solution for Loading Error Minimization in Distribution Centre

JYSK ensures delivery accuracy by fully automated tracking of position and direction movement of outgoing pallets


Tracking Big Bags with RFID

100% legal compliance with regulations as well as full control over end-to-end production and delivery process of each asset


Decentralized UHF-RFID solution shows inventory levels in real time

For efficient and transparent goods flows, a Chinese energy and chemical company uses a Turck RFID system – with UHF read/write heads and compact TBEN-S interfaces


From the Miniature Tag to the High-end Reader: Turck's RFID Portfolio

Our range of tags, interfaces and read/write devices for HF and UHF is one of the largest full ranges on the market. Take a look for yourself or contact us via our contact form. Together with you, we will determine your requirements and will be pleased to draw up a suitable system – if required also right through to the turnkey solution including connection and programming for your IT systems.

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