Internal Reporting Platform at Turck

To maintain full legal compliance is key to the Turck Group's corporate social responsibility policy.

Turck is fully committed to abiding by the law in forcein order to ensure legal compliance. In conformity with statutory requirements and beyond, Turck operates a globally accessible, internal reporting system for the submission of tip-offs with regard to potential breaches within the Turck Group - whether you are an employee, business partner, or private individual. You are also free to report anonymously.

The internal reporting platform can be accessed through the following link:


Upon submitting a report, an acknowledgement of receipt will be sent within 7 days, a feedback on the merits of the case will be sent within 3 months.

Your report will be processed in strict compliance with the applicable data protection laws.

By submitting an internal report, you are making a valuable contribution to a better and more compliant Turck as an active player in society and the markets.

Alternatively, there are external reporting platforms, e.g. https://www.bundesjustizamt.de/DE/MeldestelledesBundes/MeldestelledesBundes.html



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