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UHF RFID as an efficiency booster for industry 4.0: Experience the versatile identification solutions from Turck


Digitize your Flow of Goods with RFID Systems

From incoming goods, through production, to the retailer: RFID systems ensure the automatic identification and tracking of goods. Use Turck's versatile Q300 UHF read-write head with integrated I/Os and Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) to reliably detect RFID tags. Connecting external antennas expands the RFID reader's application spectrum: from long-range identification to bulk readings, multiplex gate systems and position-accurate detection at item level.

End-to-end Identification of Vehicle Skids

Vehicles must be tracked throughout their entire production process: from body construction to the painting and final assembly. For this purpose, Turck offers special high-temperature data carriers that can withstand painting processes up to 230 °C. UHF systems guarantee their reliable identification.

Position-accurate Measurement of Components

If individual components or products are to be detected, classic UHF RFID read-write heads "see" too many tags. The irrelevant data carriers would then have to be sorted out by filtering or algorithms. Read how the Q300 solves this task more efficiently with external near-field antennas.

Multiplex Operation with External Antennas

Fast and reliable detection of goods at gates: made possible by Turck's Q300 UHF RFID read/write head in multiplex operation of connected antennas. See how the reader detects multiple tags "on-the-fly" even when passing through at high speed – irrespective of their location, condition and distance.

Whitepaper: Six Factors to Consider When Choosing the Appropriate RFID UHF Tag

Find the right RFID tag for your project with our whitepaper. What influence do material, design, temperature and other aspects of your application have on the choice of the right data carrier?

In the Video: Turck’s RFID Solutions

See how the end-to-end RFID system tracks the flow of materials from receiving to outbound goods.

RFID Solutions for Industrial Tasks

RFID Solutions for Industrial Tasks

What are the advantages of HF and UHF RFID? How can they be operated in mixed mode? What are the benefits of OPC UA as a platform-independent communication standard? And where does the expertise of system integrators pay off? You can find answers on our RFID technology page.

Get inspired by successful real-life applications and choose the right RFID solution for your plant.

Our RFID Product Highlights


Integrated software platform simplifies the implementation by system integrators.



The HF bus mode of the TBEN-L-RFID enables up to 128 read/write heads to be connected on four RFID ports.


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