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From November 14 - 16, our specialists advised you in Nuremberg - exciting, constructive discussions are the result. See you next year!


That was the SPS 2023

At the leading trade fair for automation, Turck showed solutions for a connected and climate-neutral industry. You could experience how automation technology can help master the enormous challenges that production and logistics face today. We showed how decentralized automation, condition monitoring and sensor-to-cloud systems enable processes to be designed error-free, connected, transparent and energy-optimized. And our software solutions bring out the best in your systems. We are already looking forward to supporting you with your projects and challenges for 2024 and to welcoming you again at the SPS next year!

Turck Enables Sustainability

Smart automation makes industrial production and logistics more efficient. We show you how to improve your sustainability balance by avoiding production errors, managing energy consumption and establishing efficient supply chains.


Hot Topics in Nuremberg

On the Road to Success with Decentralized Automation

Decentralized automation promises short time to market, lower machine costs, fast commissioning and higher availability.

With decentralized systems, you move I/O level and control performance out of the control cabinet and into the field. IP67 components enable the design of machines and modules that are independent and can be flexibly combined. Especially in today’s uncertain times, this is a decisive competitive advantage.



Efficient Data Flow from Sensor to Cloud

Benefit from digital value creation between shop floor and cloud – with Turck's end-to-end IIoT architecture from your one-stop shop.

More and more sensors are delivering huge amounts of data from the machine environment and cloud services enable mobile access worldwide. But how do you extract the relevant information from the Internet of Things – without overloading networks or revealing protected content? Turck's answer: with connected smart sensors, efficient edge controllers and simple cloud solutions.


Software for Industry 4.0

The Turck Automation Suite, TAS, is the central software platform for network management and device setup. Talk to our specialists and find out what TAS can do today and what features you can expect in the future.

RFID turnkey solutions from the data carrier to software integration are implemented by Turck Vilant Systems (TVS). The TVS software is central to the success of a track-and-trace solution. Find out how the Visibility Manager and other TVS software bring transparency to your logistics.

Feel free to contact our specialists if you have any further or unanswered questions!

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Design industrial processes digitally, remotely control applications as required, and make use of relevant data – this is all possible at the center of the Digital Innovation Park which is constantly being updated.

Experience Turck's latest innovations for Industry 4.0 and IIoT.

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