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  • Mobile Equipment

    Extreme temperatures and the shock and vibration are just the beginning of what mobile equipment applications face everyday. TURCK rises to the challenge

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  • Oil and Gas

    Rugged work requires rugged equipment. When you need to be able to rely on your automation solution; TURCK answers that call letting you focus on what you need to, your work.

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  • Packaging

    Precision and innovation are key to the packaging industry and Turck provides innovative automation solution to match.

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  • Automotive

    The automotive industry demands robust products that can survive the toughest of conditions regardless if its body and assembly, body in white, stamping or powertrain.

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  • Chemical

    Working with chemicals is no easy task, but we are more then up to the test. We know sealing and corrosion resistance is a must have and we have solutions that are up to your toughest application.

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  • Energy

    Few other industries endure the challenges that energy applications must persevere through on a daily basis. Extreme temperature, rain and moisture, and even the exposure to the sun can wreak havoc on green energy.

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  • Food and Beverage

    When your application demands the highest standards of cleanliness while still providing protection against constant washdowns we provide IP rated solutions you can be confident in.

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Factor 1 Sensors of the Third Generation

Turck's uprox3 series offers the most compact designs and the largest switching distances

Programmable Ethernet Gateways in IP20 and IP67

Codesys 3 multiprotocol gateways from Turck offer a smart interface to ethernet protocols

Compact RFID Read/Write Head

Turck's TB-Q08 HF read/write head was designed for use in restricted mounting conditions

I/O Hub with 16 Universal Inputs/Outputs

Turck's I/O hub brings 16 incoming or outgoing digital signals to the controller via IO-Link

Multi-functional Vision Sensor

New iVu Plus Gen2 series includes resolution options to optimize speed & quality

Contactless QR24 Encoder Speaks CANopen

QR24 encoder series is now also available with a CANopen interface for mobile machines

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