Turck's TBEC module is a fast and robust IP67 EtherCAT RFID interface for decentralized automation

Fast RFID I/O Module for EtherCAT

Turck's new TBEC interface supports RFID applications with successions of very fast moving tags and up to 128 read/write heads

Turck has added the TBEC series to its range of robust and compact RFID solutions for fast interfaces to EtherCAT networks. The TBEC module in the fully potted plastic housing comes with protection to IP67/IP69K and can be used in an extended temperature range from -40 to +70 °C. The EtherCAT RFID module enables HF and UHF read/write heads to run at the same time, thus simplifying applications with different bandwidths and reducing the range of inventory needed.

Your Benefits

  • Cost benefit thanks to the connection of up to 128 read/write heads to a module 
  • Reduced integration effort 
  • Flexible use for different applications 

Reduced commissioning and wiring effort

Like all of Turck's Ethernet multiprotocol devices, the TBEC also supports the HF continuous bus mode by which up to 32 bus-capable HF read/write heads can be connected to each of the four RFID channels. In applications with many write or read positions, this considerably reduces wiring effort, costs and commissioning times. Sensors, lights or other actuators can be connected to the eight universal DXP I/Os. All terminals are implemented as 5-pin M12 male connectors, and the power supply (L-coded) is implemented with the future-proof M12 power technology.

Ideal for use in very fast RFID applications 

Thanks to the integrated RFID U data interface with cyclical process data transmission, the user benefits from fast and easy access to HF and UHF functions such as Idle mode. The EtherCAT module is thus ideal for use in RFID applications involving tags in very rapid succession, such as hanging goods in materials handling.


  • Machine and plant building
  • Automotive industry
  • Intralogistics


  • Continuous HF bus mode with up to 32 HF-capable read/write heads per channel
  • Mixed operation of HF and UHF read/write heads
  • Degree of protection IP65/IP67/IP69K 
  • U data interface for convenient use of RFID functionality


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