Quick Replacement of Sensors with Terminal Chamber

Pull like a plug: Thanks to the uprox+ WD, the sensor can be replaced without the need for a specialist

When a sensor with a terminal chamber is replaced, the single strands have to be disconnected and reconnected to the new sensor. This should only be performed by specially trained personnel such as an electrician. However, these personnel may be unavailable depending on the time of day. Uprox+ WD sensors are easily replaceable, and do not require the expertise of specialized personnel. The entire terminal can be unplugged and plugged in just like a coded connector.

Your Benefits

  • Inductive Uprox+ WD sensors with terminal chamber and removable clamps are easily installed and removed again
  • High tightness and resistance to chemicals
  • Increased switching distance on all metals 

  • The inductive sensors detect valve positions in a beverage plant

  • Inductive sensor BI8U-EM18WDTC-AP6X with removable terminals

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