What is Pick-to-Light?

Turck Pick-to-Light solutions provide operators with a visual indication of the required part in an assembly sequence. Actions (correct or false) are indicated by means of lights and optional audible signals. Completed operations can either be automatically or manually acknowledged.

Turck Pick-to-Light: Complete solutions for industrial assembly and picking applications

All components in Turck Pick-to-Light systems are perfectly matched ensuring quick and reliable installation and maintenance.

Process optimisation

Visual process management opens up manifold possibilities for process improvement:

  • Improved flexibility; personnel require next to no training
  • Improved and repeatable process quality
  • Quality management/control by means of process logging
  • Interfaces to warehouse control, ERP-systems…
  • Drastically reduced installation, commissioning and maintenance times
  • Virtually 100 % error free installation

Pick-to-Light solutions from Turck are based on IP67 components to allow robust, fast and error-free installation without the need for a control cabinet. The plug-and-play qualities inherent to an IP67 solution result in reduced installation times coupled with an almost 100 % error-free installation with drastically reduced labour costs. Solutions using IP20 components are also available on request.

Due to a modular hardware and software approach, tailor-made complete solutions can be readily and cost-effectively realised to our customers’ requirements. Our experience in this field and our ability to provide one-stop shopping for the complete solution ensure that all components interoperate perfectly.

Pick-to-Light Products

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Fieldbus I/O Systems - Modular or as Block I/O

Fieldbus solutions facilitate the connection of the numerous sensor/actuator lights of Pick-to-Light Systems. Turck offers modular I/O-systems for field mounting as well as those in ultra-compact (TBEN-S) or compact block design (TBEN-L).

IP67 Block Control

Turck's TBEN-L-PLC with CODESYS-3 is even more compact, potent and versatile than the modular BL67 controller. Besides the 8 universal digital I/O channels, the PLC supports various Ethernet and fieldbus protocols as master and slave.

Pick-to-Light Sensors and Light Curtains

Turck’s extremely varied range of indicators and sensors guarantees that the right device for the job in hand is available.

HMI Controls TX

With the HMI of the TX series, operator terminals are available which, depending on the variant, also serve as a controller. The CODESYS 3 control of the TX500 has the functions PROFINET Controller, Ethernet/IP Scanner as well as Modbus TCP Master and Modbus RTU Master.

Modular IP67 Fieldbus Control

If Pick-to-Light applications are to be controlled directly from the plant without an additional control cabinet, Turck also offers its BL67 fieldbus system with CODESYS3 programmable gateways.

Connection Technology

Turck offers a wide range of components to implement connection to higher level control systems (ERP etc.) and plant I/O.

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