Detection of Transport Containers

Safe and efficient detection on roller conveyors

Roller conveyors can be found in the intralogistics of most production lines. To ensure optimum material flow, the equipment must know where the containers are located. Turck's ECO series RU50 ultrasonic sensors are perfectly suited for the detection of containers. The translucent end cap of the plug version offers the advantage that the switching state of the sensor can be clearly seen from almost any angle.

Your Benefits

  • Lowest possible contamination thanks to smooth transducer front
  • Translucent end cap allows quick diagnosis from almost any angle
  • Energy-efficient conveyor technology, as the drive only runs when the container is present

  • The efficient ECO series RU50 ist optimized for high volume applications

  • The sensor detects the boxes from the bottom

High Performance for Object Detection

Even bad lighting conditions or reflective surfaces have no influence on the sensor. When operating as a reflex barrier, the sensor detects the opposite guide plate as a reflector and switches as soon as it no longer detects this plate. This guarantees maximum process reliability.

By connecting the sensors directly to a drive, intelligence can be transferred to the field. The drive only runs when a box is to be transported and the sensor switches. Clever automation technology thus saves energy and also reduces wear and costs. The efficient ECO series RU50 has been optimised for cost-sensitive applications with large quantities.

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