Monitoring Changeover Processes

Component identification prevents machine downtime

A format change of the product to be packed often requires a change of the packaging machine. If mistakes are made here this can lead to downtime or damaging of the machine. This can be effectively prevented by identifying each component individually. If a wrong component was installed the machine won't start and the operator will be informed of the error. For wearing parts it is also possible to measure the actual duration of the operation and to replace each component as a precaution after the expected service life.

Your Benefits

  • The RFID System BL ident prevents machine downtime by checking the correct format change
  • Operating hours counter for a proactive maintenance
  • Miniature data carriers flush mountable in metal

  • Turck offers data carriers for the installation in metal

  • Compact read/write head: TN-Q14-0.15.15RS4.47T

  • Miniature data carriers mountable in metal: TW-R12-M-B146

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