I/O and Safety Modules Increase Throughput in Intralogistics

EAE Solutions optimizes intralogistics solutions with an efficient control system – flexibly configurable block I/O and safety modules from Turck transfer a countless number of sensor and actuator signals

EAE Solutions develop innovative control solutions for different applications in the intralogistics industry. The modular EAE Flow software platform for controlling conveying and sorting systems makes it possible to utilize the full potential of existing, new or retrofitted intralogistics systems. The design of the system is based on the latest developments in automation and the highest industrial standards. 

EAE Solutions also takes care of the installation and commissioning as well as the engineering and the development of software and hardware. The company relies on Turck’s decentralized automation technology, especially Ethernet I/O and safety modules with decentralized controller logic and IO-Link, in order to keep the installation effort to a minimum and make the systems flexible and cost efficient at the same time. 

  • Turck has developed a block module with universal channels that can be used as inputs or outputs

  • The signal processing by the safety I/O module for Profinet/ProfiSafe allows a higher conveying rate

  • Stefan Püttmann | EAE Solutions

  • The TBEN-S1 performs the high speed counting of the teeth and ensures the operation of the pocket sorter

  • I/O components with decentralized control logic move the required intelligence to the direct environment 

I/O modules with high-speed counter input ideal for logistics requirements

Progress along the transport section is measured by the teeth of the wheels that transport the pocket holders. These teeth have to be counted quickly in order to determine the exact positions, such as for the guiding of transport pockets. However, the high speed of the teeth means that the cycle times of standard controllers do not allow them to read in the data. This is where Turck’s TBEN-S1 IP67 module comes into its element: the compact multiprotocol I/O module for Ethernet features eight digital inputs. The first input is a high-speed counter – a genuine USP and ideal for use in the pocket sorter. The fast rotating teeth are captured as pulses generated by a proximity switch and counted directly by a decentralized TBEN-S, from which the controller calls the values to thus determine the precise position. 

New development and customer request

The control technology for conveying and sorting systems requires the fast reading of signals at many different locations in the system. The large quantity of sensor signals involved requires the fitting of a large number of block I/O modules so that their price is a bigger factor than in other sectors and applications. This means with the pocket sorter that a module with eight inputs would not be an economical solution in an actual application where only three or four signals have to be read. Modules with four inputs and four outputs may also not always cover the actual number of signals required. 

On the suggestion of EAE Solutions, Turck therefore developed a module with four universal channels that can be used as required as inputs or outputs. In all, up to four 3-wire PNP sensors or four PNP DC actuators can be connected. “The new development from Turck suits us very well,” Stefan Püttmann, product and project manager at EAE, talks about the flexible module. “With the several hundreds of modules we require, this enables us to offer really cost efficient solutions.”

Joint development of individual solutions

 “At Turck we can also access ready to use components that are ideal for our applications,” project manager Püttmann explains, “starting with the small TBEN module with the high-speed counter on the first input, to the safety module, the RFID readers and the pick-to-light components right through to the service.”

Turck’s practical solutions developed jointly with EAE Solutions ensure today the optimum throughput and availability of modular plants for the customer. Particular emphasis is placed here on consistent decentralized concepts that have been developed out of the close cooperation between the partners. “Good advisory support and reliable sevice are essential for us in addition to high product quality,” Stefan Püttmann emphasizes. “In this respect, we consider Turck to be way ahead. The great thing about our partnership is that we work out solutions together in workshops. There is always someone there who listens and finds solutions for our needs and the requirements of our customers. An extensive service package – for us an important feature.” 

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