Identification of Hose Connections in Sterile Areas

RFID tags on the ends of hoses safeguard production and protect employees from dangerous substances

Product purity and personnel protection are particularly important in the pharmaceutical industry. It must therefore be ensured that employees cannot come into contact with substances. In order to guarantee this, the hose connections are secured in the sterile area by means of RFID technology.

To this end, both hose ends are fitted with RFID components. The process only starts once the read/write heads have detected the correct UIDs (unique identifiers). In this way, the system detects tampering and ensures that no employee comes into contact with hazardous media.


  • Identification with the BL ident RFID system increases system safety and personnel protection with small and medium-sized hose diameters
  • System-specific HF RFID tag integrated in screw cap
  • Suitable for Ex zone 2

  • To start the process, the read/write heads must have detected the correct UIDs

  • Turck's read/write heads in the M18 housing

  • The HF tag is integrated in the screw cap

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