Award for TAS Software

Turck's IIoT and service platform TAS is "Product of the Year" in the "Software & IT" category

We are delighted to have received a very special award. While it is a fact that Turck products and solutions receive awards from time to time, it's nevertheless something special when the award winner isn't chosen by a jury but by people with practical experience, in this case, the readers of technical journal Computer & Automation. And when first place in the "Products of the Year 2024" category and moreover in the "Software & IT" section goes to an automation company like Turck, which has tended to be hardware-focused in the past, this clearly underlines the fact that we are obviously on the right track with the digital transformation.

The award was given for our TAS IIoT and service platform, the Turck Automation Suite. The toolset simplifies the management and configuration of Turck devices in industrial Ethernet networks for users. Batch functions, for example, speed up many operations as they can be executed simultaneously for several network devices. This saves a lot of time, for example, when updating firmware or assigning IP addresses. Even Codesys programs can be managed via TAS via the network and easily loaded, saved, executed and stopped using batch processing. This previously had to be done directly in Codesys on each individual device. TAS also gives users direct access to RFID demo tools and all the IO-Link functions of the Turck devices, from the IODD Configurator to the Radar Monitor.

We launched the IIoT and service platform a year ago and have been updating it regularly ever since. We are now taking the next big step and adding another module with TAS Cloud.

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