As of now, the straight version of Turck’s base line is available as male and female with different pole number, cable qualities, and A- or B-coding

M12x1 Connector-Line

06/11 – Turck extends its connectivity portfolio with the M12x1 round connector-range “base line“ for standard applications in machine-building

Muelheim, March 29, 2011 – Turck has extended its connectivity portfolio with the M12x1 round connector-range “base line“. The base line has been consequently designed by the connector- and housing specialist Escha for classical applications in the fields of machine-building and automation and is not based on existing products. Only in this way, it was possible to optimize production processes and standardize materials resulting in price advantages being directly passed on to customers along with the usual high-quality claim.

For the time being, male and female versions are available as 3-, 4-, and 5-pole straight versions with A- or B-coding. The angled variants will follow in the second quarter of 2011. Two different cable qualities (PVC or PUR halogen-free) are available through which base line can be adapted to the respective application. All products fulfill the IP67 and IP69K requirements and thus suitable for industrial applications.

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