As robust as possible: Turck's powerfast M40 connectors for signal and power supply up to 42 A and 600 V

Robust powerfast-series up to M40

05/11 – Turck expands its connection technology-series for power and signal transmissions up to 42 A and 600 V about M40 connectors

Muelheim, March 29, 2011 – Turck's expanded powerfast series provides robust connection technology for power and signal transmissions up to 42 A and 600 V. With the cordsets and connectors that are now available in 7/8“, M16, 13/8“ and M40 users have the opportunity to realize power supply, as well as combined signal and power transmission in one cordset that is pluggable at a small size.

To eliminate possible disturbances, Turck offers shielded cables in addition to standard lines. Furthermore installation flanges for the junction to switching cabinets and devices, as well as tees for branching are available. Also there is a powerlok safety-clip that protects the connector against accidental disconnection. All connection types belong at least to the protection category IP67 and are UL-approved.

The robust powerfast series is suitable for the use in numerous industrial fields of application, from logistics up to large construction machines, like they are used in tunnelling for example. The user benefits from a remarkable short installation time because of the abandonment of terminal boxes and the possibility of prefabrication. Wiring errors are not possible.

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