Wireless data radios are designed for difficult-to-wire applications like stack emission monitoring

Wireless connection of modbus nodes

09/11 – New DX80DR multihop data radios from Banner Engineering significantly increase range of wireless I/O networks

Muelheim, August 25, 2011 – The new Multi-Hop Data Radio from Turck’s partner Banner Engineering extends the reach of the company’s SureCross wireless systems by repeating transmissions in 3 km ‘hops’. Multiple units can be placed to allow signals to pass over hills and other obstacles that would block a single wireless hop. The Multi-Hop Data Radio can be used to connect a wide variety of field devices directly, including PLC’s, Controllers, HMI’s, DCS’s, transmitters, level, pressure and temperature sensors. It allows extension of the widely used Modbus communication protocol to many applications where wiring is impractical because of distance or accessibility.

The large wireless networks enabled by the new radio provide previously unavailable information to users in a wide range of industries. In Irrigation, soil moisture can be measured, zone valves can be operated and flow rate measured. In automated parking applications, literally thousands of parking spots city-wide can be monitored. More traditional applications include tank level, pressure, flow and temperature monitoring in a variety of markets.
Using the Multi-Hop Data Radio, clusters can be combined and connected to create systems with 2,400 wireless points. For even larger systems, multiple wireless networks can co-exist in the same physical area without interference. The radios are configured for rapid, easy connection to all remote and central control elements in a network. They are powered by 10-30 VDC. Special low power sensors can be operated with battery or solar power supply.

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