Turck is meeting the requirements of the food industry with the new connectivity solutions

Connection Technology for the Food Industry

14/14 – Turck offers cables and connectors for hygienic and standard applications in the food industry

Mülheim, October 21, 2014 – Turck is presenting two new connection technology series for the food industry. The hygienic series for specially sensitive areas – also with direct contact to foods – is designed without small crevices to prevent the buildup of contaminants. This is also ensured by the smooth surfaces of the housing material and the coupling nuts for fixing the V2A stainless steel connectors. The cable materials used for the hygienic series are Ecolab-certified and FDA-compliant. The cables are thus resistant to the cleaning agents used in the food and beverage sector as well as microbes and hydrolysis.

For less sensitive areas, Turck is also offering a variant of its standard connection technology with cables made from FDA- and Ecolab-certified materials. The cable quality and materials are the same as those of the Hygienic series whilst the male connectors have the conventional design. These features make the cables ideal for peripheral areas in the food and beverage industry.

Turck is offering both connection technology series in cable lengths of 2, 5 and 10 meters with straight and angled male connectors. M12 male connectors are available in 4 or 5-pole designs or M8 male connectors with 3 or 4 wires.

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