Turck's inductive couplers transfer data and power also with angle and parallel offsets

Shock Proof Inductive Couplers

14/23 – Turck's new NIC series transfers data and up to 18 watts of power without contact

November 2, 2023

Turck has updated its inductive coupler sets and now also offers additional functions such as selective pairing in addition to improved performance. With a startup time of 600 ms, the NIC couplers enable shorter production cycles and thus increased productivity.

With IO-Link COM3, the NIC couplers support the maximum data transmission rate of 230.4 kbps. The robust couplers resist high shock loads and transfer 18 W of power via a 7 mm air interface. As “non-contact connectors” they are completely wear-free and, thanks to IP68 protection, permanently sealed. A flexible angle offset up to 15° and parallel offset up to 5 mm ensure a high level of installation freedom. The diagnostic function detects the presence of the secondary part as well as any metal objects in the air gap.

Bidirectional communication enables actuators to be activated and sensor signals to be collected. Besides “dynamic pairing”, by which any primary and secondary parts can be connected, the couplers also support “selective pairing”, by which a primary part can only communicate with selected secondary parts. For this the device can be accessed directly via IO-Link. Typical applications of the NIC couplers include interchangeable tools, rotary tables or automated guided vehicles.

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