TXO and TXY cables: Flame-retardant, suitable for drag chain use and highly resistant to welding sparks

Welding Spark Resistant Connection Technology

10/22 – The TXO3701 and TXY3713 series cables meet the most rigorous requirements of the automobile manufacturers for use in welding applications

Mülheim, September 29, 2022

Turck has increased the welding resistance of its TXO and TXY connector series. The cables thus also meet the latest requirements of the Volkswagen Group (VASS) for use in welding applications. The thickness of the cable jacket in particular was increased in order to achieve even greater resistance to welding sparks. The cables are also suitable for drag chain use and are highly flame resistant. They meet the requirements of both the North American UL FT2 standard as well as IEC 60332-1 and IEC 60332-2-2.

Turck offers the PUR cables as 4 or 5-pin variants with straight or angled connectors, both with or without LEDs. The user can choose between standard cable lengths for connection or extension cables with M12 connectors. The cables are available in orange or yellow as standard. Special lengths, custom jacket colors or cables with M8 connectors can also be implemented on request.

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