Turck's FGEN was primarily developed for fast tool changers on robots

Fast Startup Block I/O Module

04/12 – Turck presents Ethernet/IP I/O module for fast startup applications on robot tool changers

Mülheim, March 22, 2012 – Turck is now offering a new Ethernet/IP-based I/O module for applications requiring extremely short startup times. The compact FGEN block modules require less than 100 milliseconds up to full operational readiness and are therefore faster to start up than other Ethernet/IP stations. The new FGEN module is ideal for use on robot tool changer systems in the automotive industry. Thanks to their compact design and protection to IP67, the module can be fitted everywhere without any additional protection required.

The fast startup I/O modules can also be installed in linear topologies thanks to their integrated switches. Turck is offering the modules with four different terminal configurations: 16 freely configurable inputs or outputs, 16 inputs or 16 outputs as well as a version with 8 inputs and 8 outputs each. All variants are not only available for Ethernet/IP, but also for Modbus.

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