With its redundant power supply modules Turck‘s I/O-System BL20 offers enhanced System availability

BL20 with redundant power supply

12/12 – Redundant power supply modules increase the system availability of Turck's BL20 I/O system

Mülheim, May 25, 2012 – At the Achema fair, Turck will be presenting a redundant power supply concept for its BL20 I/O system, which considerably expands its application range. This enables redundant power supply modules to be incorporated into the IP20 I/O system without any additional effort, thus ensuring greater system availability. Should a module or its power supply fail, the redundant module will automatically take over the supply of power to the connected stations. An integrated diagnostic function indicates the failure via LEDs and diagnostic messages to the controller so that the module can be replaced immediately in order to restore redundancy.

Depending on the specific application, as many redundant power supply module pairs can be integrated for each station as required. The first module pair supplies the fieldbus gateway and the first I/O modules. If the maximum power supply output is reached, another pair of redundant power supply modules can be installed which supplies the I/O modules installed to the right. The so-called Bus Refreshing modules provide two voltages: 5 V for the electronics of the I/O modules and 24 V for the I/Os.

In order to make the configuration and installation of a BL20 solution as easy for the user as possible, Turck offers the FDT/DTM-based I/O Assistant software. Besides parameterization, the IO-Assistant also provides various service tools, extensive documentation and the possibility for simple system diagnostics. The software can be downloaded free of charge from www.turck.com.

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