Turck's TBEN-S ultracompact I/O modules create with LabVIEW drivers new possibilities for efficient test stand automation

LabVIEW Drivers for IP67 Block I/O Modules

24/19 – New drivers turn Turck's compact block I/Os into the robust alternative for test stand automation using IP67 modules – without the need for a PLC directly in the field

Mülheim, November 13, 2019

The website of National Instruments now offers downloadable LabVIEW drivers for Turck's compact TBEN-S I/O modules. The new drivers enable users to significantly reduce the costs for the automation of test stands in production. The robust TBEN-S2-2RFID-4DXP, TBEN-S2-4AO, TBEN-S2-4AI and TBEN-S1-8DXP I/O block modules can replace the expensive I/O systems that are commonly used for test stand automation. A separate PLC for controlling the modules is no longer needed. Thanks to their high IP67 protection, the modules can be installed directly in the field without the need for a control cabinet. 

The LabVIEW drivers were developed in close cooperation with Turck as part of a customer project by specialists at Kirschenhofer Maschinen GmbH. The company's portfolio ranges from machine and plant building to software development right through to system integration and test stand automation.

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