With the Q350, Turck has developed the first HF read/write head that can read a tag on metal at a distance of one meter

RFID: Large Sensing Ranges in the HF Range

Turck's new RFID read/write heads increase the maximum sensing range in the HF range to one meter

Mülheim, March 22, 2012 – Turck has expanded its range of RFID read/write heads with large sensing distances in the tried and tested HF frequency band (13.56 MHz). The latest family member is the TNSLR-Q350-H1147, enabling the implementation of a sensing range that has as yet not been available on the market. The Q350 can reliably read and write tags mounted on metal from a distance of up to one meter. The rectangular read/write head with an edge length of 350 mm is provided with IP67 protection.

The portfolio also includes the rectangular TNSLR-Q42TWD-H1147 read/write head that was developed primarily for use in the food and beverage sector. For this the Q42 comes with protection to IP69k. Depending on the tag used, the new read/write head can achieve sensing ranges of up to 200 mm. As well as the already available washdown read/write heads in M18 and M30 threaded barrel housings, offering ranges up to 80 mm, the Q42 completes the Turck RFID portfolio for the food and beverage sector. The F&B portfolio is rounded off with special connection cables and tags for use on or in metal or also in autoclaves.

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