All-rounder: The PD67 is a universal RFID handheld for challenging environments

IP67 Multi-Reader for HF/UHF RFID and 1D/2D Codes

11/20 – Turck's robust PD67 multiband RFID handheld combines HF and UHF technology with an optional bar code and 2D code scanner in a single device

Mülheim, November 12, 2020

Turck's PD67 RFID handheld is an all-round device for the flexible reading and writing of tags in industrial environments. The handheld is protected to IP67 and runs on the future-proof Android operating system, as well as offering both HF and UHF detection. The touch display of the PD67 offers users convenience in moving between the two frequency ranges. One device variant also provides a bar code and 2D code scanner.

Thanks to the combined technologies, users benefit from greater handling flexibility – for example, for recording incoming and outgoing goods data, asset tracking or for mobile tool identification. Its benefits become apparent for example when using UHF in a logistics installation, or on the other hand, when using HF in production areas.

The PD67 comes with a pre-installed app that enables simple data transmission via Wifi or Bluetooth – for example for sending emails. Users can also engage Turck to develop individual software or use their own application program on the PD67 – thanks to the availability of suitable API files. Turck's RFID turnkey solution supplier Turck Vilant Systems can also provide appropriate software solutions for any additional requirements, such as connection to ERP systems.

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