Turck RFID handhelds that can run on customized software offer new possibilities

RFID Handhelds With Customized User Interface

19/12 – Turck is offering individually configurable RFID handheld readers for HF and UHF applications

Turck is expanding its range of RFID handheld devices with software that can be specifically tailored to the requirements of individual customers. This enables the Mülheim automation specialist to offer a complete solution, which, in addition to the special handheld device, includes a customized user interface, RFID tags and also stationary read/write heads if required. Write and read commands can be executed via the touch screen or keypad. The read information can be shown on the display according to customer requirements. The handheld readers are available for both HF and UHF systems and can also read barcodes or data matrix codes as well as RFID tags.

The handhelds can communicate with mobile devices, PCs or other systems via Bluetooth, WLAN or a standard USB cable. The recorded data can thus be fed into an ERP system, for example, and linked with the data of an existing database. Alternatively, customers can also develop their own software solutions using the software developer kit.

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