TL50C tower lights for narrow applications

Compact LED Tower Light

12/14 – TL50C LED tower lights offer uniform brightness in compact housing

Mülheim, October 21, 2014 – Turck announces a new self-contained, compact version of its industry-recognized TL50 tower light. Developed by Turcks Lighting Partner Banner Engineering the TL50C measures only half the height of the standard TL50 models. Thus the TL50 compact tower lights are ideal for space-restricted applications requiring highly visible operator guidance or indication of equipment status.

Designed to replace conventional stack lights, which often require time-consuming assembly and complex wiring, Banner’s TL50 tower lights provide bright, uniform lighting. The new TL50 compact version displays up to five stacked colors in one tower with universal ac voltage and up to seven stacked colors in one tower with standard dc voltage, and ten colors to choose from for each segment.

Despite its compact dimensions for narrow applications the TL50C offers the same uniform brightness and reliable performance customers have come to expect from the standard TL50 tower light models. Turcks tower lights come preassembled and preconfigured, allowing users to save time and money during installation. For use in diverse environments and applications the TL50C light is available in audible models with standard, sealed or omni-directional audible elements.

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