With their several designs the high intensity LED indicator lights are suitable for numerous industrial applications

High Intensity LED Indicator Lights

15/12 – Turck presents five new daylight visible EZ-Light models from Banner Engineering

Turck introduces five new EZ-Light high intensity indicators to provide clear long-range visibility in intense sunlight or brightly lighted indoor conditions. The Lights have been developed by Turck’s optic partner Banner Engineering. All use advanced LED technology to provide longer life and lower energy consumption than fluorescent or incandescent light sources.

The K50 Beacon provides high intensity light viewable through fog or mist from around the entire perimeter for traffic or entry gate control in carwash or parking facilities. Preassembled traffic lights with as many as three different-colored lights stacked in each housing provide cost effective traffic signaling in indoor or outdoor situations. Field of view is controlled for use in narrow lanes. Slimmer than traditional stack lights, the TL50 Beacon Tower Light has segments in as many as four colors to provide high visibility indication of automated factory equipment status. Audible models are available.

All EZ-Light models feature rugged neutral-colored housings that definitively indicate whether lights are on or off. Turck offers them with a wide range of power options and mounting hardware. Custom capabilities include lights with five color combinations selected from nine available colors.

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