Banner LED-lights for industrial workplaces: Strong and efficient

LED work lights for industrial use

15/11 – Robust LED work lights from Turck’s partner Banner Engineering ensure a reliable, energy-saving illumination of workplaces and control cabinets

With energy-saving LED work lights of protection categories up to IP67/IP69K from its partner Banner Engineering, Turck completes its lighting technology range. The robust design and a life-span of 100.000 hours allow the use in a wide field of application, where a reliable, bright and even illumination is needed under rough environmental conditions. The color temperature lies in daylight range between 5,000 and 10,000 Kelvin. The work lights can be connected either via a standardized M12x1-plug connection or directly via open wire ends. The power-on/-off is carried out either over the connection with the supply voltage (10...30 VDC) or – when there is a constant power supply – over the integrated switch directly at the LED work light, which is incorporated in some versions.

The lights are available in three different construction groups: As compact spot lights, as line light rails and as square LED lights for flat illuminations. Every work area can be illuminated optimal with luminous flux of 65 up to 1,800 lumen. The spot lights with six LED are – as well as the line light rails – available with or without a switch. The line light rails are offered in eight different versions with three up to 24 LED. For an extensive illumination or large work areas, Turck offers four flat lights with twelve up to 48 LED.

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