Cascading units (available soon) allow the EZ-Screen LP Safety Light Curtain to protect multiple sides

Compact safety light curtain with no dead zones

01/10 – Turck’s new EZ-Screen LP combines robust performance with low cost

Muelheim, January 26, 2010 – A compact, low-cost Type 4 Safety Light Curtain has been introduced by Turck. The new EZ-Screen LP (Low Profile), developed by Turck’s strategic partner Banner Engineering*, provides continuous protection for the entire length of the screen, with no dead zones. Its two-piece design (emitter and receiver) with integrated controls eliminates the need for a separate controller. Units are available with 14 mm resolution for finger detection or 25 mm resolution for hand detection. Protection heights range from 270 to 1810 mm with detection range up to 7 m and response times are 8 to 43 ms.

Setup is easy without a PC, using DIP switches and a seven-segment LED display and a bar graph indicator showing diagnostic information. Contiguous beams can be blanked for situations where part of the machine would block the curtain. Screens are available in safety yellow, brushed anodized aluminum for a more aesthetic appearance where yellow is not required, and a nickel plated ESD (electrostatic discharge) safe housing for semiconductor applications. The 28 x 26 mm housing profile fits on small machines with minimal protrusion. Brackets for end or side mounting are included, with rotating fasteners for fine alignment. EZ-Screen LP is certified to Type 4, Category 4 PLe and SIL 3. It also exceeds OSHA/ANSI Control Reliability requirements.

* Banner Engineering is one of the world's leading manufacturers of vision sensors, photo
electric and ultrasonic sensors, fiber optic assemblies, indicator lights, machine guarding systems, precision measurement and inspection systems and wireless network products.

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