Turcks new switching power supply series IM82-24 provides 24 VDC with 2.5 up to 20 A

24V-switching power supply for industrial use

17/11 – For the power supply of switch- and monitoring devices Turck now offers four power supply units with wide-range input

Muelheim, September 28, 2011 – With four new switching power supplies of the series IM82-24 Turck completes its interface technology program. The power supply units provide safety extra-low voltage (SELV) according to EN 60950 and are suitable for the 24V supply of according equipment as well as for interface modules of the series IM, IME, IMB, IMS and IMC. Due to their wide-range input – depending on the type between 90 and 370 VAC – the IM84-24 can be used in numerous supply networks worldwide. Depending on the type, output current strength of 2.5, 5, 10 or 20 ampere is available. By means of a potentiometer the output voltage can be adjusted from 22.5 up to 28.5 VDC – resp. 24 up to 28 VDC.

The IM82-24-series of the protection category IP20 was developed especially to guarantee a reliable DC supply in the industrial environment. The power supply units convince through high efficiency, the possibility for parallel connection and an overload protection of up to 150 percent. A power-good-relay guarantees a reliable functional check, meaning that in case of irregularities a power supply-sided cause or a wire breakage can be excluded. The device bypasses power failures up to 30 ms automatically.

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