Turck's BIM-UNTK compact magnetic field sensor is ideal for short stroke cylinders and pneumatic power clamps

Miniature Magnetic Field Sensor for Short Stroke Cylinders

Turck is presenting the shortest magnetic field sensor on the market in the form of the BIM-UNTK

Mülheim, October 2, 2012 – At the SPS IPC Drives fair, Turck is presenting the BIM-UNTK, the shortest magnetic field sensor in this sector for detecting the piston position in compact pneumatic cylinders. The sensor comes with protection to IP67 and is ideally suited with a length of only 19.7 mm for measuring particularly short hydraulic cylinders, pneumatic power clamps and grippers. The user not only benefits from increased switch point accuracy but also from the extremely compact mounting form: The sensor disappears completely in the T groove and thus does not present a target for any mechanical damage. An LED on the sensor enables the cylinder position to be read directly in the field.

The new BIM-UNTK can be fitted simply into the T groove of a cylinder from above or from the side and can be secured with a hexagon socket screw. The sensor can thus be fastened with one hand in the standard T groove without the need for any additional accessories. Turck offers suitable mounting accessories for different cylinder and groove sizes for other cylinder types such as tie rod cylinders, round cylinders or dovetail groove cylinders.

The BIM-UNTK is provided with a polyurethane jacketed cable that is suitable as trailing cable. Turck offers a version with a 2 m cable and an open cable end, as well as two 30 cm pigtail variants with M8 and M12 connectors. The sensors are designed as 3-wire devices with an N/O output (PNP signal) and for temperature ranges from -25…+70 °C.

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