Turck's new 3D inclinometer is not limited to ±85°

Fully Parameterizable 3D Inclinometers

First 2x360° inclinometer can be individually adjusted by the customer to suit every application

Mülheim, October 2, 2012 – With the B2N-360-Q42, Turck is presenting a 3D inclinometer that can be adapted extensively and precisely by the customer to the requirements of the application via IO-Link. With a double 360° measuring range, the sensor is not limited to a maximum ±85° – as with all comparable models. Users can not only set individual vibration filters that precisely mask out the vibration frequency of your machine, but also define the zero point, switch points or switch windows – according to the mounting position and requirements at hand. As well as vibrations, the sensor also suppresses potential error sources such as accelerations or shocks. The extensive range of assignable parameters and the maximum sensing range of 360° on two axes enable the sensors to be suitable for virtually any application. It therefore reduces the number of inclinometer variants that need to be kept in stock to a single type.

The B2N-360-Q42 can also be used for measuring vibration or shock. Turck offers two variants of the sensor: The industrial variant for the temperature range from -25 to +75 °C is suitable for example for inclination measuring on solar panels or robots. Turck designed a second variant according to the e1 specification for use in utility vehicles and construction machinery. The e1 variant is resistant to extreme temperatures from -40 to +85 °C and operates with the standard vehicle electrical power supply of 8…30 V. Both variants come with protection to IP69K. The output signal can be defined individually: for example to the standard signal ranges of 0…10 V or 4…20 mA.

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