Robust and compact: Turck's new UHF read/write head can be optimally integrated in production lines

Compact UHF Read/Write Head

10/12 – Turck presents new read/write head for UHF applications

The TN865-Q175L200-H1147 compact UHF read/write head is the new member of Turck's RFID product portfolio. The active read/write head supports the ISO 18000-6C and EPCglobal Gen 2 standards, and combines antenna and electronics in a robust IP67 aluminum housing with the dimensions 175 x 200 x 60 mm. It can thus be physically integrated optimally in existing production lines.

The TN865 is the first read/write head jointly developed within the scope of the technology partnership between deister electronic and Turck. From the outset, an application optimized development for use in industrial production and logistics processes was the prime objective. If required, the UHF read/write head can be operated on Turck's modular BL ident RFID system simultaneously with HF components.

In combination with the robust UHF tags, which also allow direct mounting on metal, use at high temperatures up to 240 °C or use in autoclaves, the UHF technology with its large sensing distances can now also be used in areas in which it was previously not possible.

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