Turcks WLS28-2 offers now dual color LED lighting

Dual Color LED Strip Lights

11/14 – The WLS28-2 with two LED colors enhances lighting flexibility in industrial applications

Mülheim, October 21, 2014 – Turck introduces the WLS28-2 Dual Color LED Strip Lights. Turcks Opto Sensor Partner Banner Engineering enhanced the WLS28-2 to offer dual-color operation. This makes the LED light optimal for industrial lighting applications requiring more than one color, such as mobile vehicle illumination, where red light is easier on operators’ eyes in dark areas, and machine status indication, where alternating colors are used to identify error conditions.

The WLS28-2 Dual Color delivers a versatile lighting solution, featuring rugged aluminum housings, a space-saving, low-profile design and various lengths from 285 mm to 1130 mm. For increased flexibility, the WLS28-2 Dual Color is available in four models, allowing operators to select from stand-alone cable, stand-alone push button QD, sealed cascadable and lensed cascadable. All models offer enhanced light quality with bright, densely spaced LEDs to ensure even, bright and highly efficient illumination.

Consuming very little power at less than 9 watts per foot, the WLS28-2 Dual Color is designed to last more than 50,000 hours of continuous operation with minimal loss of intensity. LED strip lights are offered in six different colors, including cool and warm white, red, green, blue and yellow. With several mounting options—top, side and magnetic—in addition to multiple bracket styles, the WLS28-2 is suited to accommodate various installation requirements. The Lights are available in IP67 models and water-resistant IP69K models.

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