Now also with a switching output: the QR20 inclinometer with combined measurement principle for dynamic applications

Dynamic Inclinometers with Switching Output

03/23 – Turck's inclinometers with a combined MEMS and gyroscope signal for moving applications are now also available with a switching output

Mülheim, January 26, 2023

Turck's QR20 inclinometer generates its signal from the combination of two measuring principles: a gyroscope signal and an MEMS acceleration measurement (Micro-Electro-Mechanical Systems). In this way the sensors combine the benefits of both measuring principles. The QR20 can mask out shocks and vibration much more effectively than with conventional signal filters. The B1NF and B2NF single and two-axis inclinometers thus enable a previously unknown degree of dynamic measurement for moving or vibrating machines.

The new QR20 variants switch when a threshold value or switching window is reached. Two switching windows can be set and used in NO or NC operation. The QR20 with switching outputs is particularly suitable for applications in which a simple switching signal in a PNP or NPN logic circuit is sufficient to indicate the reaching of a specific inclination angle and where a measuring inclination angle sensor would be exceed requirements.

LED spirit level simplifies commissioning

The “spirit level function” simplifies device installation. The flashing of an LED is used here to indicate the horizontal position of the sensor. This therefore enables the error-free and reliable installation of the sensor without any accessories. The use of translucent plastic for the LEDs eliminates the potential weak points in the housing arising from LED lenses.

The devices can also be used for positioning and lifting applications. Turck is adding four more devices to the existing portfolio of the four IO-Link inclinometers: the B1N single-axis and B2N two-axis inclinometers for static applications and the B1NF and B2NF for dynamic applications.

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