Turck completes its portfolio with a comprehensive range of encoders

Encoders complete portfolio

02/11 – Turck expands its range of sensors with encoders in different types and designs

To offer its customers the ideal sensor solution, Turck completes its portfolio with a comprehensive range of encoders. The company now offers magnetic and optical rotary encoders in all categories, from incremental over absolute singleturn, absolute multiturn up to analogue. For this reason Turck now has a comprehensive portfolio, from which the user can apply the most fitting technology for the corresponding application.

Turck offers the new encoders in different calibers. Next to the standard model with 58 mm, there are miniature models of 24 up to 37 mm, as well as models for large hollow shafts with up to 100 mm. Thanks to the robust mechanical construction and the compact die-cast case, the encoders are non-sensitive against change in temperatures, jolts and vibrations. The IP67 rated devices – special models for the offshore use are IP69k-rated – cover a temperature range of -40 up to +105 °C.

Encoders from Turck are available in different solutions up to 36.000 impulses per minute (incremental) and 24 Bit (absolute). The portfolio also shows a great variety when it comes to the type of connections and interfaces: Next to the cable connection, the user can choose between M12-, M23- and 5-pole connectors. The interfaces RS422, push-pull and sinus are available for incremental encoders. For absolute encoders, fieldbus connections for Profibus, DeviceNet, CANopen, EtherCAT and Profinet are offered, as well as SSI, BiSS, RS485, analogue and parallel interfaces.

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