The single and multiturn encoders with an SAE J1939 interface are new additions to Turck' interface portfolio

Encoders with an SAE J1939 Interface

16/21 – Turck has added single and multiturn encoders with a solid or hollow shaft for intralogistics and mobile equipment to its portfolio

Mülheim, September 23, 2021

Turck has extended its comprehensive encoder portfolio with new encoders featuring the SAE J1939 interface, which is particularly used in mobile equipment. The encoders are now available in Turck's Industrial and Efficiency Line as single or multiturn encoders as well as the solid or hollow shaft devices in sizes 36, 46 and 58 mm.

Two interlocked bearings ensure a robust mechanical design and offer protection from vibration or shock on the shaft. Users thus benefit from a significantly greater encoder service life compared to devices with a shaft bearing. The innovative energy harvesting technology of the mulititurn J1939 encoders also enables wear-free and maintenance-free operation. These count rotations without an additional battery or mechanical gears, thus enabling a highly compact design.

The encoders offer the user maximum flexibility. While standard single turn resolution is 14 bits, the total resolution of the multiturn encoders can be increased from 32 up to 43 bits if required, corresponding to over 500 million countable revolutions. While up to 127 nodes can be configured in a network on CANopen models, the encoders with a J1939 interface allow up to 254 nodes.

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