With the TBEC-LL-8IOL, Turck's IO-Link portfolio can now also be used in EtherCAT-based applications

EtherCAT Block I/O with Eight IO-Link Masters

18/21 – The ultra-robust TBEC-LL-8IOL enables Turck's entire IO-Link portfolio to be used also in EtherCAT applications

Mülheim, October 21, 2021

Turck has added the TBEC-LL-8IOL EtherCAT IO-Link master in IP67/69K to its IO-Link portfolio so that it can also be used for EtherCAT-based applications. The block I/O module in the robust TBEN-L housing offers eight IO-Link master ports, with four Class A and four Class B ports enabling flexible configurations. Full galvanic insulation between the power supplies makes it possible to implement safety disconnections. Actuators such as IO-Link valve blocks, robot grippers or motors can be powered with up to 4 amperes. The power supply is implemented with future-proof M12-L coded connectors.

The TBEC-LL-8IOLs are also provided with FLC logic (Field Logic Controller). This enables devices to take over simple controller tasks, pre-process data selectively and exchange it with higher-level controllers. This enables users to operate in small applications without the need for an additional PLC. In larger applications, the FLC technology relieves the load on the higher-level controller. Configuration and programming are carried out via Turck's ARGEE web-based programming environment, which enables the user to program conditions and actions very easily without the need for any additional software installed – even with mobile terminals in the field.

The seamless communication of diagnostics and process data ensures data transparency for Industry 4.0 applications such as condition monitoring or predictive maintenance, increased machine availability as well as lower maintenance costs.

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