The inductive linear displacement sensors of the new LI-Q17 series fit into the smallest corner and are non-sensitive against electromagnetic interferences because of the oscillator within the position generator

Fail-safe mini displacement sensor

01/11 – Turck presents the first inductive miniature linear displacement sensor for a measuring range from 50 to 200 mm, which is using the resonant circuit measuring principle

Especially for very short measuring ranges between 50 and 200 mm, Turck developed the first miniature linear displacement sensor LI-Q17 that unites all the positive qualities of customary measuring systems in one solution without having the disadvantages. The LI-Q17 doesn’t work with a magnetic locator but with the resonant circuit measuring principle, where an object’s position is detected via an inductive oscillating system, consisting of a condenser and a coil. As the only sensor of its kind, the LI-Q17 is able to work reliable where the functionality of a magnetic position device is massively affected by electromagnetic fields – caused by large motors or welding plants.

The robust LI-Q17 in an IP67-rated housing is available in four different sizes with the measuring ranges 50, 100, 150 and 200 mm for a temperatur range from -40 to +70 °C. The first models have an analogue output (0…10 V, 4…20 mA, 0,5…4,5 V), a high-resolution SSI model is going to follow. Despite their compact design, Turck's new sensor family has extremely short blind zones of 10 mm at the connecting end and 22 mm at the head end. For the connection a pigtail with a 30 cm cable and an M12-connecter or an open connection line of 2 m is needed. Because of the thought-out assembly concept, the user can install and operate the LI-Q17 sensor and the provided standard accessories fast and easy. Robust metal clips can be latched into the housing of the sensor and allow either a vertical or a horizontal installation. The electronic module of the position generator is pivoted and allows an exact positioning corresponding to the installation situation. If an application needs a special measuring range, the user can program this on site.

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