The plug-in mounting concept of the new FCST flow sensors simplifies aligned sensor fitting

Flexibly Positioned Flow Sensors

14/13 – The new mounting concept separates the process connection from the sensor unit, thus simplifying aligned fitting

At this year's SPS IPC Drives fair Turck will be presenting flow sensors with a sensor unit that can be freely aligned as required. The new plug-in mounting concept of the FCST series, enables the sensor unit to be aligned in the flow channel as required – irrespective of how the process connection is mounted. This simplifies the aligned fitting that is required for reliable and precise flow monitoring.

Screw-in adapters in standard industrial thread sizes enable the user to mount the flow sensors on different pipe diameters. In spite of the fast screw-in mounting facility, the sensor adapter system can nevertheless withstand process pressures of up to 100 bar. Another benefit of the FCST mounting concept is apparent with flow sensors with an integrated signal processor. Thanks to the flexibly oriented sensor unit, the LED display on these compact devices is always easy to read and the potentiometers for setting the switchpoint or the analog signal are always easy to reach.

The IP67 sensors monitor flow speeds of up to 300 cm/s and are available in stainless steel or plastic housings with a switch or analog output. The portfolio also includes types with additional temperature monitoring (FTCST) as well as with a remote measuring probe. These remote probes are evaluated with the intelligent Turck flow modules of the FM series. In this way the flow sensor can also be made suitable for I/O-Link.

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