Placement, quality and size of holes are verified by new iVu Plus image sensor on metal stamping conveyor

Image sensor with multiple inspections

03/11 – iVu Plus Vision Sensor with Ethernet interface can recognize up to ten different patterns within the same inspection

Muelheim, March 2, 2011 – An image sensor offering enhanced recognition, communication and rapid changeover capabilities has been introduced by Turck. Designed by Turck’s partner Banner Engineering, the new iVu Plus TG sensor extends the iVu image sensor platform with capability to save up to 30 inspections. It monitors labels, parts and packaging for type, size, orientation, shape and location. Its color touch-screen display and on-board memory allow fast and easy installation and application setup without connection to a PC.

Ethernet communication assures compatibility with most industrial systems. In addition to previously available functions, the iVu Plus TG has a Sort sensor that can recognize up to ten different patterns within the same inspection. Applications for this new capability include identifying parts on a production line and ensuring that all required parts are present in a package. Other functions included in the unit are area sensor to ensure that some features are present on a part, blemish sensor to detect flaws such as scratches or color variation and match sensor to verify that a pattern, shape or part is identical to a reference.

Ease of use is supported by integrated lighting, adjustable focus lenses, automatic exposure control and high speed processing. The sensor’s housing is rated to IP67 for use in harsh environments. A full line of external lighting solutions is available for special applications. The new iVu Plus TG platform consists of a vision sensor and a bar code reader, both of them are available with integrated or remote touchscreen.

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