Turck's new compact inductive sensors combine simple mounting with compact lengths of up to 22 millimeters

Inductive Compact Sensors in Short Designs

17/14 – Turck has added two new modules to increase the possible options of its excom I/O system

Mülheim, October 21, 2014

Turck has added a resistance and a 2/3 sensor module to its range of modules for the excom I/O system. The new TI41 4-channel resistance module is suitable for connecting PT100, Ni100 and CU100 temperature sensors in 2, 3 or 4-wire circuits. The 16-bit processing of the modules provides a particularly high measuring range resolution. In this way applications in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry can be implemented, which require a measuring accuracy of 1/10 Kelvin.

The new DI40-N digital input module enables the user to connect 3-wire NPN and PNP sensors. The 3-wire sensors are supplied here directly from the excom system, thus eliminating the need for external wiring for an auxiliary supply. The diagnostic features of the module also provide information on faulty periphery when the 3-wire sensors are connected. Besides 3-wire sensors, it is also possible to connect NAMUR (DIN EN 60947-5-6) sensors or mechanical contacts. Wire break or short circuit monitoring is also possible when using mechanical contacts.

As with all excom modules, the setting of parameters such as for cable monitoring, value substitution and damping is carried out by channel and is initiated exclusively from the control system.

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