The inductive measuring sensors with IO-Link boast greater accuracy and provide additional information with compact outer dimensions

Inductive Measuring Sensors with IO-Link

22/21 – Turck's new non-flush sensors set new standards with maximum accuracy and smart additional information for condition monitoring

Mülheim, November 18, 2021

Besides offering flush inductive measuring sensors with an IO-Link output, Turck is now also offering three non-flush variants. The NI4-M12, NI7-M18 and NI12-M30 models supply a signal proportional to distance over a 12 millimeter range as an IO-Link process value (2 bytes) or as a voltage signal from 0…10 volts. Their measuring range can be adjusted flexibly so that the entire signal range can be used even within a small measuring window. The sensors set new standards with temperature deviation compensation and a perfectly linearized output signal. 

With their accuracy and long range, the sensors are ideally suited to many applications, including the monitoring of the gap dimension on industrial rollers or detecting wear, such as for monitoring concentricity on shafts. They can also be cost-effective alternatives for rotary encoders or linear position sensors. In simple applications, they record linear and rotary movements as analog position signals using inclined planes or eccentric screws. 

Additional functions can be implemented via the IO-Link interface: Besides the basic process value, the sensors output the internal temperature value, the distance value to the object and other diagnostic data. Besides their actual task, they can therefore also be used for condition monitoring or predictive maintenance – even as a retrofit solution. 

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