IIANEWS has awarded its innovation prize to Turck for the development of the company on the Chinese market

Innovation Prize for Turck China

04/21 – Turck China receives the “2020 Award of Excellence in Digital Manufacturing”

Mülheim, March 11, 2021

The Chinese Internet platform  International Industrial Automation News (IIANEWS) has chosen Turck as the winner of the “2020 Award of Excellence in Digital Manufacturing” innovation prize. The jury, made up of experts from different industries and sectors, unanimously chose Turck, thus making the automation specialist the winner in this category out of nearly 400 competitors. The award commends Turck's brand strategy on the Chinese market and confirms the company's commitment to being a strong partner for Industry 4.0 and IIoT in China. Turck will also drive the successful development of the market in the future with focuses on IIoT eco systems and cloud-based solutions for smart factories.

IIANEWS is one of the most influential Chinese information networks, which focuses on the latest technological and market developments in the international industrial automation sector. Eligibility for the award placed particular importance on technological milestones, relevant contributions to the sector and brand influence and growth.

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