The IM12 interface technology series is optimized for use in factory automation or in Zone 2

Interface Device Family Expanded for Non-Intrinsically Safe Signals

11/19 – A high channel density, investment security and use in circuits up to SIL 2 are the outstanding benefits of Turck's new IM12 device series

Mülheim, May 21, 2019

The IM12 interface devices now allow for the first time the benefits of Turck's IMX12 series to also be available for non-intrinsically safe signals. The IM12 devices are some of the slimmest on the market and with a width of only 6 mm per channel save space in the control cabinet. Their modern electronic design provides a high degree of investment security. The entire device series is certified for use in functional safety circuits up to SIL2. The IM12 devices process digital and analog signals from field devices, such as in the pharmaceutical industry or chemical industry. However, the IM12 devices also find suitable uses in factory automation, such as for temperature and speed measuring.

The interface technology of the devices is also the latest state of the art. The parameterizable variants can be accessed via IO-Link and Pactware or other FDT frameworks. The power rail supply option using Power Bridge is available with all IM12 variants. When using IM12 and IMX12 (for the Ex area), customers can thus make use of the same mounting, wiring and commissioning features, both mechanically, electronically and in terms of software. Besides devices for digital or analog inputs or outputs, Turck also offers frequency and temperature transducers.

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