With its new development center Turck is ready for the future

New Building in Detmold

06/13 – Turck opens its new development center for fieldbus technology and RFID

Automation specialist Turck has opened the new development center for fieldbus technology and RFID at its site in Detmold, Germany, with a total workspace of more than 1000 square meters. During the opening ceremony the new building in Gildestraße 5 was put in service.
In the past 10 years the development team was housed near the center of Gilde, however, requirements of personnel and equipment, also of office and laboratory space grew over time. In the future the new site will shorten all routes for employees and the new technical facilities and space will meet the new requirements. This clears the way for any further expansion of the activities at the Detmold site.

The TURCK Electronics GmbH in Detmold is one of the competence centers of the TURCK-Group for the development of fieldbus and RFID-systems. Close to 30 employees in Detmold not only develop and test the hardware but also the firmware and PC software as well as microelectronics for seminal system solutions from TURCK.

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