The QM26 can withstand the high cleaning pressures used in the food industry

Photoelectric Sensors for the Food Industry

Turck is presenting the IP69K photoelectric sensors for use in the food and pharmaceutical industry

Mülheim, October 28, 2013 – Turck is offering the new QM26 and QMH26 photoelectric sensors specially for the requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industry. The sensors come from Banner Engineering – Turck's partners for optical sensors. With their IP69K stainless steel housings, the devices are resistant to chemical cleaning agents and high cleaning pressures. Both variants are completely made with FDA compliant materials. Furthermore, the QMH26 comes in a hygienic design. It can therefore be used wherever the sensor can come into direct contact with food. Its smooth, self-drying surface does not have any gaps that would be difficult to clean or sanitize.

The sensors are permanently resistant to ambient temperatures from -30 to +60 °C and cleaning temperatures up to 80 °C. Turck offers different operating modes of both models: Retroreflective sensors with a 260 or 300 cm sensing range and photoelectric sensors with background suppression with a maximum sensing range of 20 or 40 cm. Emitter and receiver devices are also available for the QM26 in order to create through-beam sensors.

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