Turck now produces and supplies the pressure sensors of the PS500 series in only a few days

Pressure Sensors on Demand

08/13 – As from now, Turck will be able to supply the pressure sensors of the PS500 series within a few working days

In spite of the enormous range of pressure sensors available, Turck is promising its customers with immediate effect the delivery of PS500 sensors within a few working days. The customer can individually configure the right pressure sensor for the application concerned from three electronic variants – with two switching outputs, a switching and voltage output, or a switching and current output – for twelve different relative pressure ranges up to 600 bar and twelve different process connection threads. This enables the creation of 432 possible variants.

In order to offer customers optimum flexibility, Turck has given the devices a modular design, thus enabling final assembly in the shortest possible time. Each device of the PS500 series can thus be made ready for shipment in the central warehouse within a maximum of 48 hours from receipt of the order, even if it is not already pre-assembled in the component warehouse. All orders that are received on working days by 15:00 p.m. are recorded on the same day and passed on to production. Production, packaging and also shipment to the central warehouse are completed by the next working day. The customized sensor is then shipped by the third day at the latest.

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