With a test level of up to 100 V/m the PT1100/2100 Series guarantees optimum EMC performance

Pressure Transmitters for Mobile Equipment

05/19 – Turck is offering PT1100/2100 pressure sensors for use in mining, forestry, agricultural or building machinery

Mülheim, March 11, 2019

In order to provide solutions for use in mobile equipment, Turck is expanding its portfolio of pressure sensors with the introduction of PT1100/2100 pressure transmitters. This includes mining, forestry, agricultural and building machinery. Compared to conventional machine building, the field of mobile equipment has more demanding requirements, particularly with regard to resistance to overpressure, vibration and shock, as well as increased EMC performance. The new pressure sensors of the PT1100/2100 Series were specially optimized for this and are therefore a robust solution for one of the sensor types most frequently used in mobile equipment.

The PT1100/2100 pressure transmitters are available with protection to IP67 or IP69K. The compact design meets the requirements for shock and vibration resistance in accordance with ISO 16750 road vehicle standard. Temperature fluctuations also only have a minimum effect on the measuring accuracy. Besides the M12 plug connectors, the PT1100/2100 Series offer for the electrical connection sector-specific solutions such as AMP Superseal 1.5 or Deutsch DT04-3P. The sensors operate in a wide power supply range from 7.5 V to 33 V board voltage.

With a test level of up to 100 V/m the PT1100/2100 Series guarantees optimum EMC performance, thus meeting the requirements of the following mobile equipment standards: ISO 13766 (earth moving and building construction machinery), DIN EN 13309 (construction machinery), DIN ISO 14982 (forestry and agriculture), ECE R10 (automotive directive), 2004/104/EG (automotive directive).

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